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Delivering care excellence is our standard, delivering this as holistically as possible is our aim.

We have strong beliefs in the benefits that can be achieved through non-medical, therapeutic interventions designed to improve the overall quality to life of our residents. These interventions include exercise, movement, remedial therapies and nutrition.

Through the use of activities that promote the release of feel good hormones, relaxation, positive energy release as well as the many physical benefits that include improved gait pattern, coordination, balance, strength and mobility – all vital in reducing falls risks, risk of bone breakages, and other potential accidents that can be traumatic and even fatal.

With this in mind we are very excited to announce our range of health and wellbeing therapies that we can currently boast.

These include a thera-bike, mini crazy golf course, resistance training, modified football/rugby and other sports, boccia, reflexology, body massage, sports massage, reiki, aromatherapy and gait training.

Every resident has the opportunity either through referral or just general need to engage in any of the above therapies and utilise these for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Assessments are carried out upon admission and based upon this may result in an immediate referral for suitable therapy, whilst some may be referred later based upon monthly monitoring completed by the nursing staff.

Our health and wellbeing manager is a strong believer in the direct link between gut health and mental health.

Through this belief he is keen to develop the nutritional quality of the meals provided to the residents and works closely with the chefs when developing meal plans and meal options. This links directly back to our holistic approach to working with our residents needs and looking at alternative therapies as opposed to the traditional route of medicated treatments.

We offer various different forms of remedial therapies such as reflexology, designed for relaxation and unblocking of the body’s energy pathways, Swedish body massage for muscle relaxation and therapeutic benefits, reiki which is a form of healing used through the transfer of positive energies from therapist to client and sports massage which is used for soft tissue management, rehabilitation from injuries and drainage. Exercise is also a powerful tool that will aid in maintaining and improving mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.