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Therapy Services

We have a team of experienced therapists who offer a range of affordable therapies.

As part of our continued development as a care centre and commitment to community engagement, we offer a range of remedial therapies to visitors and members of the public here at Thornton Manor.

All of our private therapy rooms are easily accessible via their own entry and exit point meaning that we can offer our therapies out to everyone, without the need to be linked to the Care Centre through friends or relatives.

All of the money we raise from our therapy services is put straight back into our farm and activities fund.

Therapy Pricelist

All of our therapies can be personalised to meet your own individual needs.

Swedish Full Body Massage

60 Minutes | £30
Swedish body massage is designed to be therapeutic, promoting both physical and mental relaxation and known to increase circulation, lymphatic drainage and the release of muscle tension leading to improved sleep patterns and reduced fatigue.

Swedish Back Massage

30 Minutes | £20
Need some specific focus around your back? It is well known that many individuals will hold a great deal of stress and tension within their spines and upper back/ neck area. Get some much needed tension release in a focused massage.


60 Minutes | £30
Reflexology is a treatment that can be performed on the hands or the feet, and targets specific trigger points with the aim to unblock energy channels around the body and create a whole body sense of energy, health and wellbeing. With this brings the benefit of relaxation and stress reduction.

Sports Massage Full Body

60 Minutes | £40
Sports massage is not just for the athletes, it is a great therapy to relieve soft tissue damage such as knots, scar tissue, muscular injuries, and just improvement in general movement patterns as well as the benefits of blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and general tension release. Sports massage can be uncomfortable due to it being deep tissue however has a lasting benefit in terms of tension release and movement patterns.

Sports Massage Back

30 Minutes | £25
Same principles as above with focus around the spine, upper back, shoulders and neck.


Reiki is a form of physical and emotional healing through the transfer of positive energy from the therapist to the client, promoting whole body relaxation and stress relief.

Chrystal Healing

Crystal healing is known to react with the bodies chakras in order to promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.